Pocket Loose Fit Sweatshirt


Unisex product

Product description

Pure Waste's sweatshirt is made of 100% recycled materials and features a rounded neck, dropped shoulders and an open breast pocket. This sweatshirt is a product of Finnish design ingenuity and a testament to responsible production practices in India. Notably, the natural hue of the sweatshirt is derived from recycled cotton, eliminating the need for additional dyeing. The sustainable production of this shirt results in significant environmental savings. Specifically, the creation of each sweatshirt conserves 3171 litres of water. It emits only 2.5 kg of carbon, marking a 99% reduction in water usage and a 50% decrease in carbon emissions compared to traditional clothing production with virgin materials. Experience the perfect blend of style, comfort and sustainability with Pure Waste's recycled sweatshirt.  

Ecological impact of the product

Water footprint

2.8 L

Carbon footprint

2.5 KG

Water saved

3171 L

Carbon saved

2.2 KG

99 % less water and 50 % fewer carbon emissions compared to products made from virgin materials.