Womens Boxy Top


Women’s fit

Product description

Pure Waste’s boxy women’s top, made from 100% recycled raw materials, has a rounded neck with wide ribbing and cap sleeves. The top, designed in Finland and responsibly produced in India, has also not been dyed because it gets its colour from recycled cotton. The production of this top, made from recycled cotton and recycled plastic bottles, saves 1425 litres of water and produces 1,1 kg of carbon emissions, which is 99% less water and half of the carbon emissions of an equivalent piece of clothing made using virgin materials.

Ecological impact of the product

Water footprint

1.2 L

Carbon footprint

1.1 KG

Water saved

1425 L

Carbon saved

1.0 KG

99 % less water and 50 % fewer carbon emissions compared to products made from virgin materials.