B2b FAQ & Terms

Orders and enquiries: sales@purewaste.com

Information required for orders:

  • Products ordered
  • Colour and size assortment
  • Company billing information
  • Delivery address
  • Contact person information
  • Recipient information if different
  • Printing material
  • Information for print sizes and placements


Prices in the catalogue are without tax. In domestic orders, 24% VAT will be added.

Quantity determines the unit price. The same products' different sizes, colours, and sexes are counted together. Still, different products, for example, T-shirts and hoodies, are counted separately.

Minimum order quantity (MOQ)

The minimum order size outside Finland is €1000. MOQ for canvas bags is 150 pcs. Due to shipping and other costs, smaller order sizes are more convenient to be ordered from our online store. You can ask us for a discount code to give you a B2b discount on orders under 50 pcs. Insert the code under "Discount codes & gift cards".

The minimum order size for prints is 50 pcs per logo. Different sizes of the same picture are counted as different prints.

If this quantity is too high for you, we can sell you the garments, and you can have the prints made yourself.

Fitting samples

You can order fitting samples from our online store. For this, you can ask us for a discount code that will give you a 50% discount on prices for single-fitting samples. Insert the code under "Discount codes & gift cards".

If you want to return the samples, you can make a standard online return according to online store terms, after which we will refund you.


We need a picture of your logo for printing, preferably in 1:1 vector format or at least a high-resolution (300dpi) picture (tiff, jpg, png). We prefer PMS-colour codes for the best result. Or, optionally, CMYK. All the shapes, lines and text must be outlined as vector files. If the size of the print material and mockup differ, we will follow the mockup. Please, inform us if another action is needed.

Print sizing

  • The maximum size for prints is 45x40cm due to a print screen, but the maximum print size also depends on the garment.
  • Shirt front/back: The rule of thumb is that approx. 30 cm wide print is a good maximum that will fit all sizes of shirts (25cm for kids’ shirts).
  • The maximum width for a sleeve is 10 cm. For long sleeves, the maximum print size is 55 x 10 cm.
  • The small print on the chest on one side is usually 10-15cm wide.
  • We cannot print over the seams, and 1-2 cm space should be left next to a seam.
  • Tote bag: W 34 x H 36 cm
  • Fabric mask: H 2.8 cm.
  • For prints larger than A3, we charge +25%.

Additional costs

  • When printing on black or other dark fabrics, we will print a base colour to make the colours bright and in the correct tone. Due to this, the print costs of one extra colour will be charged. For example, 1-colour prints will be charged as 2-colour prints. The starting cost is nonetheless charged according to the actual print colours.
  • A starting cost of €30 is added for each screen print and each colour. For a 3-colour print, the starting cost is €90.
  • A colour change fee of €15/colour will be added when the same print is printed with another colour.
  • Express work charge +20% on print charges will be added for print jobs done less than in 2 weeks, which is possible only if the printing house timetable allows it.
  • Special colours — metallic, reflective, and effects — attract added charges that will be quoted on demand.
  • Prints larger than A3 are priced at +25% due to high dye paste consumption.

Starting cost

A starting cost of (€30) will be charged for each colour of each screen print. So for a 3-colour print, we will charge 3 x €30 = €90 starting costs. Starting costs for rerun orders made in less than three months will not be charged. There are no starting costs for digital printing.

Print samples

  • We can make printing samples on orders over 300 pcs if needed. On smaller order sizes, we will provide a digital sample picture.
  • All physical samples ordered will be added to the invoice with the actual price.
  • If the order is not placed after making the samples, they will be charged as one product, approx. 60-70€.

Pure Waste prints

All our stock products have neck labels and a small woven label on the side seam telling the H02 & CO2 savings, which cannot remove them. If you want products without labels or with customized labels, we can produce your desired designs through private label production. In that case, we require our logo to be present somewhere on the product, generally at least on the woven label inside the product telling Fabrics by Pure Waste


Embroidery is a possibility and will be evaluated case by case.

Delivery times

  • In-stock products will be shipped within a few working days.
  • The printing usually takes two weeks from the day we send the order to the printing house.
  • With shipping added, the delivery time from the moment we have all the required information and print files is 2–3 weeks.
  • There may be changes in shipping times during busy periods.

Shipping methods and charges

  • We deliver with Finnish postal services, with a usual one-working day delivery time in Finland.
  • In exceptional cases and for orders to foreign countries, we use couriers (DHL/UPS). Delivery will be charged accordingly.

Delivery terms

  • Shipping from Helsinki warehouse: EX Works
  • Shipping from India factory: FCA/FOB

Out-of-stock products

Some of our products are seasonal products produced in limited quantities and will not be restocked.

We may also sell out a product from the Classic collection temporarily. We restocked our Classics continuously, but due to various reasons, it may take several weeks or even months to receive the products at our warehouse. The best way to keep up with restocking is to subscribe to our newsletter, check our online store or contact us.

Garments are organic products that twist, stretch and change shape some amount in the manufacturing and printing process. Thus we cannot guarantee exact measurements and placements of prints. Allow prints to have +/- 5 mm accuracy in sizes.

Please count the product quantities and inspect the quality of the garments and prints upon receiving the order. If you have some remarks, take pictures of the defects and contact us immediately. If there are some defects in the prints, we may be able to fix them before the products are used. Therefore, delivering defective products before you distribute them for use is important. If we cannot fix the products, we will make new ones for you and request you to deliver the defective ones to us.

Colour marks in white fabrics

As we produce fabrics of different colours in the same production line, the knitting machines will have some residue of other colour fibres. Because we do not dye the fabric, some darker spots may occur, especially in white cloth. This is not a mistake but a feature in the recycled materials caused by the manufacturing process. We cannot completely erase it with current methods.

Payment methods

  • Invoice. We will send the invoice to your billing address when we ship your order.
  • In online store: credit cards, PayPal or Klarna invoice

Payment terms

  • 14-day net
  • Penalty interest: 8% Complaint time limit: 7 days
  • We apply advance payment for orders from foreign countries.