Collaboration with Kreetta Järvenpää

When Finnish photographer and artist Kreetta Järvenpää approached us about merging her captivating flower-themed art with our shirts, we knew we had found something special.

Our interest grew even further when Kreetta shared her enthusiasm for our brand and revealed that one of her favorite shirts is a Pure Waste t-shirt with the slogan "Tree Hugger." It was clear that our collaboration would not just be about combining art and fashion but also about sharing a common worldview and passions.

What fascinated us most about Kreetta's art was its uniqueness. Her flower-themed photographs were visually stunning. As we delved deeper into the concept, we couldn't help but draw parallels to the Finnish midsummer tradition, a time when nature and folklore intertwine in a mystical dance.

In Finland, midsummer is eagerly celebrated; it is the longest day of the year when the sun barely sets. The air is filled with the scent of blooming flowers, and the landscape comes alive with vibrant colors. But beyond its natural beauty, midsummer holds a special place in Finnish folklore, where ancient rituals and beliefs are honored.

One such tradition is to collect seven different flowers and place them under one's pillow on midsummer night. This is believed to reveal one's future spouse in dreams—a charming blend of romance and mysticism that has endured through generations. Flowers, with their fleeting beauty and symbolism of growth and renewal, are central to this enchanting ritual.

In our collaboration with Kreetta Järvenpää, we capture the essence of Finnish midsummer magic and beauty. Through her art and sustainable fashion, we aim to evoke the same sense of wonder and connection to nature that permeates this ancient midsummer tradition. Each Pure Waste shirt adorned with Kreetta's floral prints becomes not just a piece of clothing but a vessel of stories and dreams.

One special shirt in this collection features a peace symbol of flowers and leaves. This design conveys an essential message in today's world, where horrific wars and genocides are commonplace. This peace symbol is a timely and profound reminder of the beauty and necessity of peace, which deeply resonates with Pure Waste's values. The peace symbol is also important for cultural peace and our relationship with nature – finding a balance between humans and nature. It encourages respect for both other people and the environment.

Kreetta's unique art brings a fresh and enchanting perspective to our product line. Together, we offer our customers not just a shirt, but a piece of wearable art. Explore Kreetta Järvenpää's captivating art on her homepage.