DROPS clothing collection: an alternative to fast fashion and consumption culture

Pure Waste T-shirts

Our customers have been asking us for years for a broader product and garment range alongside our B2B Classics collection. At last, we are answering those customers’ requests and creating the timeless Drops clothing collection for consumers. Drops is a collection intended first and foremost as an alternative to fast fashion and consumption culture, but also as a truly sustainable alternative in the everyday fashion segment. 

Why have we not offered a purely B2C collection before now?

Let’s go back to 2013, the year Pure Waste was established. Then, the goal was to manufacture fabrics from 100% recycled fibres for use by the garment industry. The idea was, and still is, brilliant, but ahead of its time. To make ourselves better known, we decided to start making T-shirts to find our way into wardrobes and the awareness of the fashion world. As the years went on the strategy turned out useful: the business grew, but our customer base was almost all Finnish companies who were happy with our sustainably produced ready-to-wear garments. 

We focused on making our Classics collection, which was aimed at the needs of both corporate and consumer customers. However, the collection was designed first and foremost to suit B2B sales: modest products with fast stock turnover. 

The Classics collection has served customers well, but as our profile has risen over the years, consumers have expressed greater desire for a broader product range. So, we decided to listen to those consumers and see how a new collection designed just for them would work. 

The first unisex garments in the Drops collection were launched in spring 2022. We used an external test group when designing the collection so we could engage and listen to our customers. Twice a year, we intend to launch a collection that will be harmonious and free from any boundaries between the seasons or even years. Changing colours, new up-to-date cuts and limited availability will set these products apart from our Pure Waste Classics collection. 

We want to keep listening to consumers and making their wishes come true. We want to offer them circular economy fashion in the spirit of the day, without compromising on sustainability. 

Our vision is a world without textile waste. Achieving this vision demands a significant change in garment manufacturing and our consumption habits. 

The change begins with all of us having to think about things in a new way.

A good guideline is the four R tactic.

Rethink: weigh up each decision to buy clothes. Do I really need a new garment? 
Reduce: buy less, of better quality, and sustainable.
Reuse: buy garments that last and serve many purposes. Take good care of them, mend them and keep them in good condition.
Recycle: buy second-hand, too. Wear your clothes out and recycle them properly.