Pure Waste, in collaboration with Luhta

As a result of the collaboration started in 2023 with Luhta Sportswear Company, we produced Rukka-branded garments from Pure Waste® materials used by the Finnish Olympic team in the 2024 Summer Games.

pure waste ruka

Our collaboration with Luhta includes leisurewear for athletes and a commercial collection simultaneously sold. The aim of the collaboration is to offer sustainable and high-quality products and promote a circular economy in the fashion industry. Luhta Sportswear Company is the official clothing supplier for the Finnish Olympic team.

We produced polo shirts, hoodies, shorts, and pants for Luhta Sportswear Company to supply to athletes and T-shirts and hoodies for the commercial collection under the Rukka brand.

Pure Waste manufactures all its garments from 100% recycled fibers, which saves significant amounts of natural resources. For example, one Pure Waste T-shirt saves 1425 liters of water and 1 kg of CO2 emissions compared to a similar T-shirt made from virgin materials. Overall, the garments we produced for Rukka saved millions of liters of water and significant amounts of CO2 emissions:

● Footprint: 7787 liters of water and 6981 kg of CO2 emissions 

● Handprint: 8979721 liters of water and 6061 kg of CO2 emissions

It's also worth mentioning that each product had a specific footprint and handprint figure, increasing transparency and awareness of environmental impacts.

Our collaboration with Rukka is an excellent example of how responsible fashion and top-level sports can combine to offer sustainable options for athletes and consumers.