Sustainable Fashion at the Forefront: The Flourishing Collaboration Between Pure Waste and K-Citymarket

Since 2022, our collaboration with K-Citymarket has evolved, highlighting our shared commitment to sustainability and accessible, responsible fashion. The fourth collection, launched in spring 2024, continues to enable ecological fashion directly for consumers throughout Finland.

K-Citymarket, one of Finland's largest hypermarket chains with over 80 locations, has been an essential part of our journey as a domestic retailer. The partnership began with the goal of making sustainable fashion accessible to everyone in physical stores, a step towards mainstreaming eco-friendly practices in retail.

Our latest collection embodies Pure Waste's mission—creating garments from 100% recycled materials without compromising style or quality. The collection includes exclusive men's and women's clothing, carefully selected seasonal colors and prints. Each garment is designed to endure time in both style and durability.

Hannes Bengs from Pure Waste comments, "Collaborating with K-Citymarket has enabled us to bring our products to a broader audience and attracted customers who might not have previously considered buying clothes from a supermarket. This change is proof of the growing consumer awareness and the appeal of sustainable domestic fashion."

We continue to innovate and expand our presence eagerly. The positive reception from K-Citymarket's customers encourages us to keep pushing boundaries. With each collection, we aim to fine-tune our processes and products, reinforcing our role as pioneers in the circular economy within the fashion industry.

K-Citymarket recognizes that customer awareness of sustainable garment production is continuously growing, and they must meet this increasing demand. Sustainability aspects such as products' origin, production methods, and fashionability are increasingly attractive to their customers.

Looking forward, we anticipate an even broader collection that reaches and resonates with more consumers, making sustainable fashion the norm, not the exception.