Frequently asked questions

Does Pure Waste offer free delivery?

We offer free delivery in Finland on orders over 100€ until further notice. When you subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media, you’ll be among the first to hear about upcoming campaigns, new products, and events.

When will my order be processed?

We ensure that all orders are processed chronologically as quickly as possible.

When the ordered products are collected, the order is packaged, posted, and delivered to the chosen logistics company. This process takes an average of 1–2 days.

Can I change or cancel my order? 

The order is sent for product collection immediately, so changing its contents is no longer possible. If the order has yet to be dispatched, that is, if you have yet to receive a dispatch notification by email, it is still possible to cancel your order. In that case, contact our customer service team by emailing

Why does the order tracking show that my order has not yet reached the logistics company, even though I have received a dispatch notification?

Our customer service team processes orders between Monday and Saturday. Still, unfortunately, the logistics companies only dispatch orders between Monday and Friday. When the order has been packaged, it waits for pick-up by a logistics company. The order tracking shows that “the order has not yet arrived at the logistics company.” When the logistics company has picked up the order, the delivery status is also updated in the order tracking.

Why was my package returned to the sender, and how can I get my order back?

Posti keeps orders for pick-up for seven days. If you do not pick it up at this time, it automatically returns to us. We charge €7.80 in postage and packaging for a package you did not pick up and refund you the rest. You can place a new order in our online shop.

My order probably got lost. What should I do?

If you suspect your order got lost, please get in touch with our customer service by e-mail at Our customer service will investigate for you to find the package as soon as possible.

My order contains the wrong product: what do I do?

Suppose the wrong product was accidentally placed in your order. In that case, we will cover the postage for both the return and any replacement product. You can send the incorrect product to us the same way you usually would make a return. Remember to tick “incorrect product” as the return reason.

How do I return a product I have ordered?

For us, it is important that you are happy with the products you ordered. You have 14 days to try out the products and try them on.

Please note that you may only return unused goods in a saleable condition. The products must still have the swing tags on them. For example, we cannot accept returns of products that are stained, used, or have cat or dog hair on them.

We charge a return fee depending on how the product is returned:

  1. Finland €4.90
  2. Other countries: the customer covers the return postage and packaging

How to return products in Finland:

  1. Pack the product appropriately.
  2. Write our return address on the package:

Pure Waste Textiles Oy
Läkkisepäntie 11
00620 Helsinki

  1. Take the package to a Posti service point.

The postage is prepaid, and you do not need to pay. We will deduct a return fee of €4.90 from our refund to you. We will refund the money when we receive the package.

Suppose only a part of the order is returned, and the final sum is under the amount that qualifies for free postage. In that case, we will deduct a postage and return fee of €7.80 from the sum to be refunded.

How to return products outside Finland:

  1. Pack the product appropriately.
  2. Send the package to:

Pure Waste Textiles Oy
Läkkisepäntie 11
00620 Helsinki

Please note that the package is your responsibility until it has reached us. We will refund the money when we receive the package.

How can I exchange a product I have ordered? 

If your order is made in Finland, we can exchange a product you have ordered for a different size free of charge. Please get in touch with our customer service team via before sending the product back to us so we can check that the size you want is available.

The only way to exchange a product from abroad is by making a return. Please return the product in question as a normal return and order a new product in our online shop.

How do I make a complaint about a product? 

We always strive for the highest quality in our products, but mistakes sometimes happen, and we are no exception. If you have a product with a manufacturing fault, contact us by email at In case of a valid claim, we cover the postage for the return package and any replacement package we send you.

How do you ensure manufacturing is ethical?

We pay regular visits to the factory and one of our company’s owners is Indian. We conform to local laws and international regulations, such as the UN Declaration on Human Rights. Our SEDEX and BSCI certificates set a minimum level; however, we exceed these requirements in many areas.

How can a garment save water?

Cotton farming consumes a considerable amount of water. Recycling cotton, rather than growing virgin cotton, saves water: 11000 liters per kilogram.

How do you ensure that chemicals have not been used in the products?

We do not dye our fabrics or add chemicals to our products. We use cotton of-cuts as our primary raw material. The color of the of-cuts defines the color of the fabric. The of-cuts come from factories operating to Western standards, so as a general rule, the materials meet requirements. The final fabric is washed. The material is constantly tested before a new fabric quality or color is used, and spot checks are continuously performed.

Why do you manufacture our products in India?

We operate at the source of the textile industry, cutting waste. Transporting the raw material far from its origin would not be environmentally sensitive. India has the necessary machinery, infrastructure, and know-how to produce mechanically recycled textiles. One of our company’s owners is Indian, which made establishing a factory in India a natural choice.

Why do you use recycled cotton?

We decided to focus on recycling cotton because it is the most used natural fiber, but it still needs to be revised. We want to use a material that would otherwise go to waste.

Is the cotton you use organic?

Our material is excess from the textile and garment industries, mostly cutting waste from garment factories. Cutting waste is collected from local factories, which do not separate organic cotton waste from other waste. We can guarantee that our cutting waste is 100% cotton but not 100% organic—our cotton maybe 100% organic, 100% traditional, or a blend of the two. For us, it is of primary importance that all cotton is used, be it organic or conventional.

Why do your products contain polyester?

The fibers in recycled cotton are not always long enough. We add recycled polyester to strengthen the yarn; this ensures high quality. A durable product is the most ecological option.
In the future, we aim to reduce our use of fibers containing plastic and ensure that the cotton fibers are long enough for us not to need other fibers. This would make recycling easier. We can take action when we know the problems and the challenges.

From where do you get the cotton-cutting waste?

The cutting waste comes from factories in India. All the factories we collect waste from manufacture clothing for Western markets.

Do your products release microplastics?

All polyester releases microplastics — including our products. Correct wear, garment care, and recycling can prevent microplastics from polluting the environment. We recommend using laundry bags, such as Guppyfriend, which collect microplastics. We do constant research and development to find replacements for recycled polyester.

Do you accept used clothes from consumers?

We want to bear responsibility for the whole life cycle of a garment, which is why we collect used Pure Waste products and recycle them with the best possible method. We currently use the textiles we recycle in our research and development projects.

Why is the color scale of your products so “colorless”?

Pure Waste garments are not dyed. The color of the recycled cotton determines the color tones. The colors in our collection are the most common in the textile industry, and our current color scale ensures that the Classics collection products can continue to be available. We produce other colors from time to time in our other collections. Black, white, and grey are timeless colors, though, and in style year after year.

What size product should I order?

Each product has its size chart.
You can find the right size for you by measuring your chest, waist, and hip circumference and comparing them to the size chart.

Will more items of a particular product or size be stocked in the warehouse?

Our Classics collection stays the same by season. Which means we restock our warehouse regularly. If we are out of the product you need in a particular size, email us at — we’ll check the stock situation and let you know when you can expect the product to be back in stock. Products other than the Classics collection items are often only manufactured in limited batches, so we might not restock them.

Can I order Pure Waste products for a company? 

We sell our Classics collection to corporate clients both as-is and with bespoke prints. We offer personalized Pure Waste products starting at 50 items per print. For smaller amounts, we’re happy to give you a quote for blank products without print and recommendations for the best printing houses. Our B2B sales team can send you our catalog and answer your questions. You can reach us by email at

Please visit our b2b site for more information.

How do you ensure the authenticity of the customer reviews on our website?

The authenticity of the reviews found in the online store is ensured by asking only those customers who have made a purchase. is responsible for the technical implementation.

Customer service

You can always contact us with any questions. We will try to resolve even the smallest of your worries and help to fix the problem. All feedback is always very welcome.

Business customers

We sell our Classics collection to corporate clients both as-is and with bespoke prints. We offer personalized Pure Waste products starting at 100 items per print. For smaller amounts, we’re happy to give you a quote for blank products without print and recommendations for the best printing houses. Our B2B sales team can send you our catalog and answer your questions.

You can reach us by email at